About Us

 Rotate8 is a Boston based company focused on creating transport solutions for city living. We believe in using technology to create affordable, green and practical products that meets the needs of urban living. Our goal is to use current technology to improve city congestion now and develop emerging technology to create autonomous transport products of the future.We understand that urban transport is undergoing a rapid rethink, changing how we get around in our day to day lives. Moving forward, city transport solutions need to be user friendly, cost effective and environmentally conscious. Rotate8’s vision is to create personal autonomous transport solutions to ease city congestion, reduce transport costs, is good for the environment, increases access, reduces commuter time and at an affordable price point. Working from their base in Cambridge, MA, the Rotate8 team all have personal experience of urban living and are acutely aware of the needs of today’s consumer. Using their expertise, the Rotate8 team aim to bring products to the market that are user friendly, affordable, customizable and fun!  Want to say hi? Click on our Contact Us page!