Why JoyRide?

 95% of a cars life is spent parked. It is a greatly underutilized and expensive resource to have, particularly for the urban market where journeys are short and space is at a premium. Urban transportation needs disruption for many reasons.  While progress has been made in the past century to capture a larger portion of the population on public transit, due to public transit limitations, a significant portion of the population still chooses to own a car.  This is often due to a combination of convenience, personalization, cargo/storage, and last mile issues.  Cost, pollution, congestion and safety are major arguments against such vehicles, especially when considering  

The Future of Personal Transportation for the Masses

The JoyRide is the first product developed by Rotate8 and is the starting point of bringing personal autonomous vehicles to the consumer.  Most importantly for Rotate8, the JoyRide will be affordable, efficient to run, environmentally friendly and fun. With the features of a bike and the benefits of a car, the JoyRide is a new way to move around your city’s streets!         

JoyRide Coming to Kickstarter in 2017!!